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This blog accompany Aliza's SEEDS and Science Kids classes at first 5.

Know what your kid is capable of.

Sometime our kid can do something and we are not sensitive to that because we don’t even know he is capable of doing those things. For that I want to recommend you the weekly newsletter of BabyCenter. Here is a link:

The newsletter inform you each week about the typical development of a kid in your child’s age. This is also great for the pregnant mothers.

They also recommend very useful age appropriate activities.

Generally, the internet is a great resource of information about kids development and activities for kids.

Have a great weekend,


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Praising – How to?

First, Let’s look at an interaction in which the mother used a general ineffective praise. What thoughts and feeling did the kid has after such interaction?

Ineffective praise

* I did a good job.

* What did I do good?

* Did mommy paid attention at all?

* What did mommy like about it?

* Does mommy want to talk about my picture more?

* Next time she will say exactly the same?!

Now, observe another kind of interaction in which mommy describe what she see and what she likes about it.

Descriptive praise

* I did a good job!

* Mommy did pay attention.

* I drew some swirls. What are swirls anyway? Mommy said something about the wind…

* What else can I draw so mommy will like and pay attention?…

* I feel good.

See how you can implement this skill in your daily life.

Comment and describe interaction in which you used this skill.


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Sensitive Conversation

Here are some actions to take in a sensitive conversation. Our aim as parents:

Build connections and knowledge based on your kid’s interests.

Here are Mommy’s action and their reason:

What Mommy is doing? Why?
Watch, Wait, Listen. Discover the kid’s interests.
Make a comment. Give Opportunity to express more .
Ask a question. Show even more interest.
Add a piece of information. Build vocabulary and background knowledge.

Comment and describe interactions where you used this skill.


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Let me summarize…

Here is a short summary of the things we talked about in class:

  • Good Literacy skills lead to good communication and learning.
  • To achieve good literacy skills it should be developed even before birth.
  • Parents are the ones responsible for that.
  • There are proven techniques to promote Literacy, that every parent can use.

So far we discussed:

  • Watch, wait, listen.
  • Descriptive praise.
  • Running commentary

In the next few posts I’ll review those three techniques.

Have a great weekend with you kid!


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What is “Home” for me? – Continued

The online tool I used for the “Home” word cloud is “tagxedo”. Here is the link:

Reminder about homework for next class:
Reflect on the kind of home you want for your kid literacy-wise.
What do you like about the current state of literacy in your home? What would you like to improve? Think about specific subjects you want to improve. Write two paragraph about that.

See you next week.

Have a weekend full of positive experiences with your kid.

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What is “Home” for me?

I’m sharing our combined word cloud about “What is Home for me?”.
I used the Apple as a general layout, because I imagined Angie’s 16 months years old girl asking for an Apple.
I like this specific one because it has the “Happiness” and “Comfortable” protecting the “Family” from above and below and it has the “Madness” in between the “cleaning” and the “food”.

Please feel free to elaborate on this subject.
In what way does the home that you wish for your kid is different or the same to your own home?
What place does conversation take in your childhood home and in your own home?




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Hi Everyone,
I’m excited to open our class of SEEDS. I was delighted to meet all of you girls and enjoyed your participation and thoughtful comments very much.
In this virtual group we will be able to elaborate more on the material we will be discussing at class. It will be also useful for you for future reference.
This is our own space to share anything connected to our class. Comments on things that have been mentioned, Links that we find interesting, questions and more. Please feel free to participate. The more you participate, the more you learn!
Our kids, I believe, are our greatest teachers. please use this space also to bring smart and interesting quotes or behaviors of your kids and contemplate about their developing knowledge.


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