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First Lesson- It’s all about connection!

on May 3, 2013

Hi Moms,

I don’t have enough words to express how much I enjoyed teaching the class today.

Your cooperation and engagement are priceless. I hope we will continue learning from each other.

Today, we had the preview of our class.We saw that Literacy is tied to emotion, connection, communication and togetherness. Kids are learning the most when they are having fun. To be truthful, don’t we all like that?

We also learned that we, as parents, have a critical role in creating a home rich with positive emotions and learning.

We thought together what is home for us.

What is home2

My question for you this time is:

what have you decided to include in your home that was not part of your childhood home?

Please comment in this post so we can all learn!!!




7 responses to “First Lesson- It’s all about connection!

  1. Julia says:

    Freddy, my dog! (I grew up in a pet-free home =\ )

  2. Live life without worrying to much about mess. Let my kids have fun with arts even if it’s messy.
    I grew in a very clean home.

  3. huiwen says:

    I grew up with my sister and brothers. My mom has to take care 4 kids and one disability mother in-law and also has to help my dad’s own company. She was very stress because of the heavy loading. She always talks very loud to cover the noise we made.
    Now, I try not to yell to my kids and talk gently to him. For me, it’s not easy cause I usually talk loudly.

  4. tess says:

    the biggest thing for me has been trying to raise my kids using the 123 magic and positive discipline styles instead of using belts, metal rulers, fists and wood sticks as punishment in discipline. in my childhood, my tiger mother would berate me with negativity calling me stupid, rotten egg, pig, annoying, and other things which is normal for her chinese culture. for my kids i would like a more positive and supportive experience with the discipline being more educational and rational. i think they would grow up much happier and have a closer bond with their parents.

  5. L says:

    We, brother and I,didn’t have much demonstration of affection while growing up from our parents. Hugs have not been really a big thing at my house. I’m including now, hugs and other physical demonstration of affection, so my son does doesn’t miss out this important act of emotional development. I want him to have that especial connection, with people he cares.

  6. Especially for Tess and huiwen,
    A link for an interesting article about the controversial effects of “Tiger Moms”.!ewvPs

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