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This blog accompany Aliza's SEEDS and Science Kids classes at first 5.

First lesson – Activities that I liked

on May 4, 2013

Hi Moms,

Here are some activities that I liked  from the recommended sites:

Shape search

Go on a shape search around the house. Look for squares, triangles, circles, stars — any kind of shape.Your child will be expected to recognize, draw, and manipulate shapes well into 1st grade (not to mention high school geometry!).

***That’s a great activity for cooking time. Those moments when you have to make dinner and the kids are hungry and wants your attention so much. You don’t have to think a lot, just send them to search for shape at home.

Cereal tree.

This is an activity that is very easy to do with 2-3 year olds. It doesn’t take long so it’s great to do while eating breakfast! Draw or cut out the shape of a tree on construction paper (any size, any type of tree). Then ask the child where he/she wants to add the “apples”… drop little balls of glue accordingly and the child can press his favorite cereal onto the tree. My children like to use cherrios and fruit loops, although anything will work!

***I wouldn’t bother about that in breakfast unless you have tons of time but at snack time or when going out and about. You can use leafs or combine cheerios and leafs and other finds.

This is not a box

this is not a box

You can choose from those activities or any other activity in the recommended sites.

Have fun at the weekend,



4 responses to “First lesson – Activities that I liked

  1. tess says:

    oops i recorded before seeing the post. if i have time i’ll record a new one. meanwhile here is one using some sheets on the letter p.

  2. Nancy says:

    They are super cute! 🙂

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