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Having fun and Play

on May 13, 2013

Hi Moms,

Play-Time is so important to build self esteem. When you pretend along with your kid, you’re showing him that you accept his make-believe world, that something he’s interested in is fun and important to you too.

The benefit of Play:

  • Builds the imagination
  • Build social skills
  • Advances physical development
  • Helps kids work through emotions

Here are some guidelines to follow during play-time from the First 5 Facebook page:

Play guidelines

To learn more, “Hand in Hand” and both has good articles about this subject.

Some great play activities you can find here:

The suggested activities this time are all about having fun and play:

Let’s dance!

Play favorite songs that could inspire your child to do specific actions—something with a loud, strong beat so he can stamp like an elephant, or something quiet so he can pretend he’s tiptoeing past a sleeping lion. Marching to music is also great fun and easy enough for most toddlers to manage. These games stretch his imagination and develop his sense of rhythm.

Catch me if you can

Toddlers love to be chased. The object of this game is for your child to be caught, especially if she knows she gets a big bear hug and tickles every time you manage to catch her. For variety, pretend to be different types of animals, like a roaring lion or a scuttling mouse. A great game for building up your toddler’s stamina – and yours!

Build your own bowling

Make your own bowling from recycled bottles and have lots of fun. Use those tutorial for inspiration:

What’s inside?

A preschooler’s brain thrives on imagination – and that’s what makes this activity so much fun. By hiding an object in a bag or sock, kids need to think creatively when figuring out what’s inside!

Have a great week,



4 responses to “Having fun and Play

  1. Julia says:

    I really like the “Do not have a plan” part of that image! Although I don’t have any kids of my own, I was a preschool teacher for a year and babysit regularly for one of the families I met while I was teaching. I think it’s so true that when I let the child direct his or her own play, we both end up having more fun!

  2. tess says:

    oops, i don’t know if i will have time to record and upload something else by thursday but here is a video of part of our project today. we were making presents for urmi and priti. it doesn’t have the stuff from the post above with free play. the only free play was before i started recording when they were cutting up grocery store advertisements for the six movetrition healthy foods to decorate gift boxes. unfortunately, it was so free play, they cut pictures of pizza, balloons and oreo cookie ice cream cake then added those to the mix. then the part i recorded i tried asking them a bunch of questions as they put their presents together.

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