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This blog accompany Aliza's SEEDS and Science Kids classes at first 5.

Third Lesson – The Road to Reading

on May 19, 2013

Reading sits on two main skills:

  • Sound awareness – The ability to connect between an image and a sound.

Develop it by making your child aware of the many sounds we hear. For example when you hear a plane in the sky, point at it and say: “See a plane! Hear the sound it makes! Can you do this sound?”. Make him aware of animal voices, musical instruments sounds etc.

  • General knowledge and vocabulary

The more your child will know about the world the better he will be at guessing the written word and understanding what he reads by making connections to an existing knowledge in his mind. We discussed “Read aloud” and “Learning while Doing” to develop general knowledge.

Keep posted for some activities to develop Sound Awareness and General Knowledge.

This week, please share with us –

What books or rhymes do you remember your parents read/recite to you? Could be in another language. What is beautiful about it? What do you like about it? What it makes you feel? Have you tried reading/ reciting the piece to your own kids?

Looking forward to see you on Thursday,



2 responses to “Third Lesson – The Road to Reading

  1. tess says:

    I don’t have any memories of either of my parents reading nor singing with. Not sure if I have bad memory or if they just never did it. I do however have many memories or going down to the basement bedroom where my maternal grandmother slept for a few years before my father made her move out. I would lay in the dark and she would tell me stories in Mandarin without using a book. Some of the stories were fiction like the Emperor’s New Clothes or Little Red Riding Hood. Some of the stories were real talking about how sirens would blare everytime Japanese bombers were attacking. I remember her real life stories the most because you could hear the fear and desperation in her voice. She talked about how she hid her girl clothing in a pillowcase and rubbed dirt on her face to look like a boy hoping she would not be taken by the Japanese soldiers to be raped. She talked about being robbed of everything while trying to flee with her children away from the Japanese then later the Communists. Listening to her made me so amazed at her courage. It made me appreciate life and living more. Before she passed away I recorded a video of her telling some of her life stories. I wish I could play it for my kids but they don’t know enough Mandarin to understand it.

  2. Tess, You reminded me my grandmother who was born in Ejypt.
    I lived at her home practically until I was 5 years old. When I was 6 years old she moved to live across the street from our home. I had to go to her home every day before school so she would prepare me to school and when I came back from school until my mother and father came back from work at 6pm.
    All those hours we spend together. She used to tell me stories about her childhood in Ejypt. about her father that ran away from the Turkish army and her mother that ran from hunger in Jerusalem. She used to tell me about their life in Ejypt and how they shared food.between 5 members of their family.
    She fed me with the best food I have ever tasted and our intimate relationship will stay with me forever.
    Thank you.

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