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Pre – Reading activities

on May 20, 2013

Everything around us can be a subject for conversation to promote knowledge. Here are some suggested activities to promote sound awareness and developing knowledge and vocabulary.

All Kinds of Leaves.

PBS Kids has a very good page for pre-reading activities. . Here is one of them: Toddlers love to collect things. Leaves are especially fun to collect in the fall. Explore the colors of leaves with your child. Introduce words for color names like red, brown, yellow, and orange. Compare different leaves. Are they all the same or are they different? Collect leaves in a bag. Take them home and start a leaf collection.

Clues Bingo

Use this site to create customized bingo cards with Animals, Musical instruments, Letters, Shapes etc. Now, Instead of declaring the pictures, cut the pictures from the “Call out sheet” and put them in a pile in the middle. Each participant pull out a card and give a clue to the picture he holds. For example: “Who has an animal that barks wof wof ?” the other participants has to answer before they mark their card.

Kids first dictionary

Take inspiration from this blogger who specify in details how she created over time her kids first dictionary. Whenever you have time, show the letter and discuss the sound that its making and ask what begins with this sound. Than write the letter on a piece of paper and look together with your kid for pictures in newspapers that starts with this letter . Stress the sound of the word.

Have fun!!!



2 responses to “Pre – Reading activities

  1. Tamar and me reading “Good Night Moon”:

    I love this story.

  2. tess says:

    i was originally planning to do the leaf idea but ran out of time. so here instead is a video of storytime. kimai picked the book so she actually paid attention but caitlin kept goofing off.

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