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This blog accompany Aliza's SEEDS and Science Kids classes at first 5.

Fourth Lesson – Sound Awareness & The Road to Writing

on May 24, 2013

Fine Motor Skills and Eye-Hand Coordination Are both an important Pre-Writing skills. To develop those we can use materials abundantly found in our home. For many examples see a video of a mother creating Montessori activities.  Also you can get inspiration from a wonderful blog name “We can do all things” for sensory activities and more.

Sound Awareness. We sometimes forget to listen to our surrounding we focus on what we see. But awareness for sounds is a critical pre-Reading skill. Therefore, this week we will merge the activity with the question and focus on sound awareness. Exercise  your hearing sense and help your kid focus on environmental sounds.

Find as many sounds as you can. Be as original as you can about that. I don’t know… be quiet while shopping in the grocery store and discover the sounds you can hear. Make a list of the sounds you were hearing together and share with us.

I would love to read your kids reaction to this activity and to the different sounds you discovered.

Have a great weekend,



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