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My Favorite TV shows and internet for my son

on June 1, 2013

While long hours of TV is not recommended, Single Educational programs can be sometimes very helpful, entertaining and meaningful. Therefore, I am writing this post to recommend you some of the TV programs and internet site that my son enjoys.

PBS kids and Nickjr has many educational program. To mention a few:
Super Why!
Sid the science kid
Dino Dan
For bigger kids:
Wild kratz
Martha speaks
Electric company
For the little ones:
Team umizoomi
The wonder pets
PBS also have an excellent site online with lots of free educational games. For each game, a parent can find more information and more activities.

I love the “Curious George” games site. So, for example, this game allows kids to experience sorting and shapes:

Parents can read a short paragraph like this to learn about additional activities :

Have fun,



One response to “My Favorite TV shows and internet for my son

  1. Tina Shih says:

    Hi Aliza Thanks a lot. These are  useful   information . Tina

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