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This blog accompany Aliza's SEEDS and Science Kids classes at first 5.

Pre-Writing activities

on June 13, 2013

Hi Moms,

On the fourth lesson we had a challenge of creating Pre-Writing activities. We had such a great lesson with so many creative ideas from the group, ideas that are immediate and easy to do without preparation at all. Here, I’ll bring photos of as many ideas I remember. I’m sure I will be forgetting something, so feel free to remind me by replying.

Every activity that will make the kid use the thumb and finger, will improve his fine motor and prepare him for writing. So the challenge was to come up with creative ideas to develop Pre-Writing activities with a bunch of things that we can find around the home.

The materials:


The activities:

The Sticky Penny


Stickers on pennies and put into the piggy bank. Variations: put the blue and red alternately, Put exactly 3 blues, reds and green. Count them. How many are in the piggy bank overall. Follow the kid ideas with other variations he/she may suggest.

The wrinkled paper cat


Wrinkle tissue paper to make a tiny ball. Draw a simple drawing. With glue have the kids create a colorful picture.

The pompons bear

IMG_3700 (2) IMG_3701

Draw a simple drawing on a plate that includes circles and have the kid fill the circles with pompons. Variation: color the circles and ask for the right color of pompons.

The necklace


Create a cheerios necklace using a piece of yarn and cheerios. Variation: create a pattern with fruit loops. Ask the kid to string for example, 2 yellows one red, 2 yellow 1 red and so on.

Edible Shapes

IMG_3702 IMG_3703

Draw shapes on a paper plate and with raisins create the shapes. Enjoy eating the raisins after finished!

Spoon a surprise

IMG_3704 IMG_3707

Put variety of little items such as pompons, cubes and buttons in a container with a lid. Make a whole in the lid. With a spoon move the item to the plate to feed a doll or a teddy bear.

So many great ideas!!!

More ideas can be found in this recommended site. I love it so much because most of the activities are home made:

Suggestions for more activities will be welcome!

Have fun and Keep in touch.



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