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Magnets – Cupertino

on January 31, 2014


So happy to explore with you in our 4th adventure – Magnets.

The Magnet-Opus food tray was the highlight of the Cube game of Magnets. We also imagined our hand is a special magnet that attracts Reds and Rectangles. The kids explored our room to discover Metals and realized there are things that look like Metals but are not attracted to magnets. Some photos:

IMG_5062 IMG_5064  IMG_5067 IMG_5070  IMG_5073 IMG_5075 IMG_5077 IMG_5079 IMG_5081 IMG_5082

In the mice and Chili adventure – Chili had a giant magnet. We helped the mice escape with wonderful ideas from the kids.


In the exploration stations we collaborated to create a pond.

We colored fish.

IMG_5093 IMG_5094 IMG_5100 IMG_5101 IMG_5102

The kids exercised their eye-hand coordination while drawing the pond’s water, algae and corals with magnets.

IMG_5095 IMG_5096 IMG_5097 IMG_5109 IMG_5110 IMG_5114 IMG_5118 IMG_5119 IMG_5124

Created a Magnet-Opus and discovered his favorites from a tray full of Magnet-Opus food.

IMG_5120 IMG_5091 IMG_5098 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5113  IMG_5122 IMG_5123

The kids loved to see the pond come together so beautifully and use magnetic poles to fish in the pond they created.

First it was just a cardboard box.


but than it started to fill with water and corals and fish

IMG_5103 IMG_5116

and Magnet-Opuses and food for them.

IMG_5126 IMG_5128

and the kids got fishing poles and started filling the bucket with fish and Magnet-Opus food.

IMG_5129 IMG_5130    IMG_5132  IMG_5133

We even had a jumping frog that uses the fact that like magnetic poles repel each other.


See you all next time for Combining shapes adventure.



2 responses to “Magnets – Cupertino

  1. Revathi says:

    Pravin loved this session.
    The idea of painting with the magnets was awesome!!

    • I am so happy. Pravin lights my day with his excitement.
      Thanks so much for the feedback.

      More fun and enjoyment equal more learning.
      Would love to hear from everyone follow up comments and behaviors from the kids.

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