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This blog accompany Aliza's SEEDS and Science Kids classes at first 5.

Magnets – Cupertino


So happy to explore with you in our 4th adventure – Magnets.

The Magnet-Opus food tray was the highlight of the Cube game of Magnets. We also imagined our hand is a special magnet that attracts Reds and Rectangles. The kids explored our room to discover Metals and realized there are things that look like Metals but are not attracted to magnets. Some photos:

IMG_5062 IMG_5064  IMG_5067 IMG_5070  IMG_5073 IMG_5075 IMG_5077 IMG_5079 IMG_5081 IMG_5082

In the mice and Chili adventure – Chili had a giant magnet. We helped the mice escape with wonderful ideas from the kids.


In the exploration stations we collaborated to create a pond.

We colored fish.

IMG_5093 IMG_5094 IMG_5100 IMG_5101 IMG_5102

The kids exercised their eye-hand coordination while drawing the pond’s water, algae and corals with magnets.

IMG_5095 IMG_5096 IMG_5097 IMG_5109 IMG_5110 IMG_5114 IMG_5118 IMG_5119 IMG_5124

Created a Magnet-Opus and discovered his favorites from a tray full of Magnet-Opus food.

IMG_5120 IMG_5091 IMG_5098 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5113  IMG_5122 IMG_5123

The kids loved to see the pond come together so beautifully and use magnetic poles to fish in the pond they created.

First it was just a cardboard box.


but than it started to fill with water and corals and fish

IMG_5103 IMG_5116

and Magnet-Opuses and food for them.

IMG_5126 IMG_5128

and the kids got fishing poles and started filling the bucket with fish and Magnet-Opus food.

IMG_5129 IMG_5130    IMG_5132  IMG_5133

We even had a jumping frog that uses the fact that like magnetic poles repel each other.


See you all next time for Combining shapes adventure.



Sound – Cupertino


Playing with sounds in the preschool age is the foundation of morphological awareness in school age.

In the cube game we guessed sounds from the sound box, danced to music, felt the vibrations of a triangle, shaked, banged, meowed, stomped.

IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4964 IMG_4966 IMG_4967 IMG_4968      IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4980 IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_4984 IMG_4985 IMG_4987 IMG_4988

The mice discovered how to sneak from Chili in a dark room by producing sounds.


In the exploration stations we created a drum, a banjo and phone caps. Each vibrates differently to produce sound.

1. Creating a drum.

IMG_4998 IMG_5000 IMG_5042 IMG_5034 IMG_5035 IMG_5028 IMG_5029 IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5026 IMG_5020

2. Creating a banjo.

IMG_5038 IMG_5033 IMG_5037 IMG_5027 IMG_5022 IMG_5023 IMG_5024 IMG_5021

3. Phone caps


And producing more and more sounds:

IMG_5052 IMG_5050 IMG_5049 IMG_5048

Goodbye everyone, I was happy to explore here with you!!!

Next time it’s Magnets.

Be prepared to feed a monster, paint with magnets frog leap and more.


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Space – Cupertino


The space adventure was so much fun.

The cube game of Space was full of Moon walks, Strange Aliens, Rockets and more. The cube game purpose is to discuss the subject of the session in a fun way while elevating existing knowledge that the kids already have. This sets the stage for more exploration and discovery. Here are some photos:

IMG_4867 IMG_4870 IMG_4871 IMG_4872   IMG_4888 IMG_4889  IMG_4892  IMG_4894 IMG_4895 IMG_4896 IMG_4898

This time we had a collaborative exploration stations to recreate the solar system. Each kid worked on a different planet or planets according to his choice. Books about spaces provided us inspiration and information about the characteristics of the planets. we noticed shapes, relative size, color, special features of the planet surface and more.

IMG_4902 IMG_4903 IMG_4904  IMG_4906 IMG_4908 IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4914 IMG_4915 IMG_4916 IMG_4917   IMG_4924 IMG_4925 IMG_4930

We created our own Alien to populate the Solar system:

IMG_4929 IMG_4922 IMG_4921 IMG_4920 IMG_4911 IMG_4905

Continued having fun with the rockets:

IMG_4918 IMG_4919 IMG_4926 IMG_4927

And documented our experiences in the journal

IMG_4942 IMG_4934 IMG_4933:

This was the result of collaboration.

IMG_4938 IMG_4940IMG_4939

Now for the final touch. Constellations.

IMG_4946 IMG_4947 IMG_4949 IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4952 IMG_4945 IMG_4944

Thanks Kimai for leading us to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” while creating the constellation.

Next time be prepared to make noise in the  Sound session.



Mixing color – Cupertino

Hello Parents, Nannies, Grandfathers and Grandmothers!

This is the second round of “Science kids” in First 5 at Mercy street. This time in “Cannon Music” in Cupertino. Our team, myself, Iris and Sharmilla creating together your experiences in this program.

We started by exploring color mixing. This subject of mixing color is such an intuitive and lively way to introduce the structure and rituals of “Science kids”.

First we explored primary and secondary colors by playing The Cube Game of Mixing colors.

Here are some photos where the kids are hunting for colors and placing them on the Color Wheel.

IMG_4645   IMG_4647

On The Adventures of Chili and the mice. 


The mice are trapped into a paint box and getting curious how to change their color to find a hiding place in the garden. The kids started thinking with the mice and from that we went on to the Exploration stations.

1. Creating a mouse after mixing two primary colored play-dough. This great fine motor activity shows how much effort we need to insert in creating a new color. First the new color appears on the area of contact between the two colors, and only after much kneading we can see a whole piece of new color.

IMG_4656 IMG_4654 IMG_4658 IMG_4659 IMG_4661

2. The magic top. In this station we see another method of mixing – by movement. Two colors in proximity moving fast will appear as a new color. The adults among us also recognized that not every design provided the same effect of mixing. Try different designs at home and let me know what worked best.

IMG_4670 IMG_4672 IMG_4673

3. Mixing paint in a ziplock. This station is a mess free lab of color mixing. Again the kids can appreciate the process of mixing as they insert effort in mixing all the content in the bag.

IMG_4663 IMG_4665 IMG_4666 IMG_4668

4. Stained glass art. Another mixing method is overlaying. Here, by overlaying two pieces of semi-transparent tissue paper, we can discover a new color. It works well when placing the creation in front of a light source. At home attach the creation to the window to appreciate the color mixing.

IMG_4674 IMG_4675 IMG_4676

Here is part of the exhibition we had:


As real scientists always do, we document our experiences in a personal journal. I will write more in the future about the importance of Journaling.

IMG_4682 IMG_4683

Finally we met again Chili and the Mice to see how they resolve their adventure of mixing colors.

IMG_4687 IMG_4689 IMG_4690

Next time it’s all about Space. Get ready to Blast-Off!


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